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Very professional staff, personable and I totally trust them to take excellent care of my cats. Vet Techs are top-notch. They've cared for my cats (4, and at times, 5) for nearly 15 years. While busy, they make every effort to accommodate us when there is an unexpected matter that needs immediate attention. It's the only place I'll take my "furry family."

Roma Leeb

I am very happy with Sugarloaf Animal Hospital. Ruby Rose was taken good care of, and is now on a much needed diet. The Employees are Friendly, and Helpful. It is so Much easier for me to drive than the Vet I was using. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend this Hospital...


Saw the Doctor almost immediately at the actual appointment time... Very through exam and he took blood for testing after physical exam that came up normal to be sure nothing was missed. I have used this Hospital for years and have always been pleased with their courtesy... care and concern for pets. Everyone there treats you like family. Therefore my bottom line assessment is... OUTSTANDING!!

john w.t

I especially like the young lady vet who has treated my two beagles the last two times, they are always coming down with something it seems. She is intelligent and diligent in tracking the reason for the problem with my dogs. I couldn't ask for anything more. The staff there are also friendly.


They are the "cats meow" and their service is superb. We feel like we are at home and they are our family. They take care of Leo and Teddy bear like they are their own animals. I highly recommend them.


Very pleasant atmosphere. Waiting area is very spacious for pets. Friendly staff. I would definitely recommend and will return in the future.


Great service at the check in counter, Very professional. They love animals and you can tell its a very friendly environment for my dog.


Been coming for about 4 years. I even moved to Atlanta and still drive to Lawrenceville every few months when my older fur kids need some care. Staff is great. No concerns.


Our puppy, Rosie had her annual check-up and vaccines. The staff take care of Rosie as if she was their own.


My dog loves visiting Sugarloaf Animal Hospital! She is always so excited to see everyone. Dr. Rollins took good care of her this week. Thank you all!


Sugarloaf Animal Hospital provides friendly, professional care for pets and pet owners. Everyone on staff is welcoming and knowledgeable


Everyone in the practice was incredibly reassuring and patient through a difficult time of diagnosis. Michelle and Dr Jeff went beyond their roles to make sure my pup could get her antibiotics started in a timely manner.


I've preferred coming to this vet since i blessed with having my pet rabbit come into my life 5 years ago. They take such good care of him and it's comforting knowing an exotic pet vet is so close by. They treated Nergal very well and I appreciate it.  


I have been taking Cheena to Sugarloaf Animal Hospital for 14 years. The staff is always kind, warm, and courteous. The Doctors take time to talk to me about what's going on with Cheena. Now that he is old and experiencing health problems, they even call to check on her. Michelle lives in my Subdivision, and offered to drop Cheena off at my house at Lunch just in case they had to keep her. They are truly a part of our family. I would recommend Sugarloaf Animal Hospital to everyone!!!


Dr. Brown and staff have been caring for our pets for almost 20 years. Sugarloaf Animal Hospital has consistently provided competent, compassionate and comprehensive treatment (in good times and bad) for our pets throughout all stages of their lives. We have the utmost respect for and confidence in the professionals at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a facility capable of providing quality pet care in a loving and caring environment.

Coit & Terri McDonald
Lawrenceville, Georgia

We want to thank you and all the staff at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital for always taking great care of our Miniature Daschund “Fendi”. She is 14 years old and has only stayed with Family members until we moved to Lawrenceville. GA. In the past 6 years we will only trust your staff to take care of “Fendi” when we travel. We appreciate the “above and beyond” treatment we always receive. She loves her buddy “Michelle”! Everyone makes Fendi feel at ease and that is the most important thing to us! Thanks again!

Candace & Joann
Lawrenceville, Georgia

To anyone considering where to take your beloved pet, please let us offer our input. With everyone worrying about the “bottom line” these days, some folks have cut corners, especially with their pet care. “Always the low price” may be great for a department store. However, if you want your pet to receive care that is far beyond “the low price leader”, you need to trust your cherished friend(s) to the staff at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital. We have done so for over 5 years, and have always received prompt, competent, reliable, courteous treatment for ourselves and for each of our 6 cats.

Jennifer & Brent McFarland
Grayson, Georgia

We would like to thank you all for your great care of Sigismond over the last few years. He may not have always liked having to go to the vet, but he always enjoyed visiting all of you. It made him very happy to see Dr. Brown and know he would probably feel better soon! We sincerely appreciate your gentle handling of Sigismond and your medical expertise that helped him enjoy a long and happy life. His friends Michelle and Sharif were always the highlight of his visit. It was your smiles and fine handling of him that helped put him at ease and in his younger days gave him the opportunity to “grin” back and share in the fun! Whichever of you came to tell him that it was time to come into the exam room, Sigismond lit up and was sure that a nice time was ahead for him. In a line of work that requires great caring, yours still shined as something special and we all appreciate it very much. Sigismond also enjoyed seeing Jennifer at the front desk along with his only cat friends in the world Polly and Wally! He loved the interaction with everyone at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital over the years and outside of family, you were the main other people that Sigismond got to see and you all made him VERY happy. Thank you all again for everything and for your kind thoughts and words in this very difficult time for us.

John and Jennifer Echols
Snellville, Georgia

To the crew at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital, You guys have been a blessing to our family. You guys took great care of our Niner and Lady. We couldn’t have done their last days without you. Thank you for being available for our Niner and Lady. Every last one of you guys cared deeply; not only for us but for Niner and Lady. It was very easy going out of town knowing they would be cared for properly. What a great team!!!

Cathy M. & Terry Pendleton
Snellville, Georgia